About me—a twenty-something print and web designer from Leeds

Founded in 2011, Sam Penrose Design is the home of me, Sam, a young, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial designer. I have worked for clients ranging from small, local businesses to international household brands.

What I do…


I am also a graffiti artist and have run workshops with local school children. If you would like to organise a workshop or commission a piece of art drop me a line…


This website was designed by me and coded by Harry Roberts. It was built in TextMate and designed in-browser, its code is hosted on GitHub and it uses the gorgeous Chaparral Pro from Typekit.

It was designed content-out and mobile-first, it is fully responsive and uses progressive enhancement to deliver a UX suited to the individual browser or/and device. For a list of people and technologies involved please see my humans.txt.

To read more about the techniques applied, please refer to my web design cheatsheet.

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